A Leader Provides

A LEADER PROVIDES takes 200 years of U.S. Marine Corps strategy on developing leaders and combines it with long-term business experience, successful entrepreneurial knowledge, and social intercourse, to the end of having any group to better get along and increase their survival potential through increased productivity. With everyone agreeing on the overall group's purpose, with high accord, and by having everyone pushing in the SAME direction, the levels of success that can be attained surpasses anything we've seen to date - in ANY economy. All of this takes a great leader to accomplish - the one person that all look up to, respect, seek guidance from, and would do anything for. A LEADER PROVIDES teaches anyone to become a great leader of others; whether their group were to be a family, a company or nation.


Warrior Blood

Veterans possess a special trait that distinguishes them as leaders. In this article, Ernest examines the DNA of warriors to decode what makes them different. 

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Heading 1

Why Leaders Can No Longer Ignore Their Employees' Social Media Content

An article for operating an effective information campaign at your company. 



Effective Leaders Communicate Authentically 

Effective Leaders Communicate Authentically 

The following is an article for individuals committed to communication excellence. 

Innovate to Motivate

This article presents a revolutionary method to care for employees welfare. 

4 Leadership Skills that Increase Emotional Intelligence.

An article written for leaders committed to excellence.